Promotional Piece & Video

What would you do if I said Muslims are terrorists? Gays are effeminate? Black men only listen to rap? Asians have thick accents and broken English? All women are sexual objects? You would either call me crazy or punch me in my face. Here is a small clip that aims to challenge the stereotypes that exists frequently in the media and make people actually think about what they are seeing and not follow the ‘trend’ of what is shown rather then to think before following. This video uses stereotypes in a cleaver way were stereotypes are broken. The purpose of the video is to find it amusing, as the stereotypes are literally a ‘joke’ as it has no link to the truth. It reinforces that by one stupid act that someone does shouldn’t define a whole group.

Overall message -Do Not Generalize.

Video by Mushada & Saheba


Harriet Edwards: Left Brain, Right Brain, Right Shame

Iain McGilchrist (2009) wrote a book called The Master and his Emissary, it states that our brain is split into half; left knows as the intellectual, logical, detached side and the right side known as creative, conceptual and empathetic.

This Lecture made me think about how we treat each half of the brain differently, I have noticed that the right brain tends to get a lot more attention. In school the more artistic projects are taken less seriously and we are constantly demanded to choose an academic route.

On the right we were asked to create how our brains looked like. We had to draw it in a way it works . I drew minds in sections that links with one another and is open at the ends. This was to show that I work in an organised matter and I’m open minded about all things.

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Andrea Mason: Material Text Lecture

Guillaume Apollinare’s calligrammes are letters/words that are used to visually show what the poem’s content is about. I created my own version using Gertrude Stein’s book titled as How to Write. I have noticed that there were alot of text about how to write therefore I created an image of a pen to visually demonstrate this.


W O R K S H O P -Drypoint





The outcome of this workshop made me feel like this could be a potential idea to create for my part two for Genius Loci. As one of the outcomes that i had made gave a feel of a cosy environment where the brown colour looked like a hot beverage that everyone relaxes with ( hot coco).

W O R K S H O P -Embossing




This workshop answered all my questions that I have been thinking of- how does embossing actually work? I’m just glad that now I understand the process and can start creating my own embossed designs.

Genius Loci- Livingroom 3

Here I have used the feedback given from the previous clip and slowed down the transitions and cut the outside shots as the inside shots were strong enough and the content in general.

In order to improve i will continue with the new feedback that will be given and adjust the clip to make it as clear as possible.

Memories and Lines (5 Questions)

How many types of lines are there?
As a group of three we made a mind map to answer this question this is what we came up with:


We also categorised them by colour:

-Pink (Human)

-Green (Nature)

-Blue ( Man Made)

-Red (Marks)

This map will be classified as lateral.

5 instructions we were given:

1) Look at these artwork
2)Get into groups of 3
3)Brainstorm -How many types of lines are there?
4)Answer Is your brainstorm linear or lateral?
5)Draw a map of a route that you remember taking either locally or your favorite journey?

We then was asked to pick a number from our partners instructions and do that task.

The questions was

How do you remember of a memory – visually, sight,sound, smell etc?

I have noticed that I remember a memory from sounds. This is mainly through conversations as when things are said my brain automatically pictures it in my head like a video camera rolling.

In my opinion, I reckon that conversations are a strong way to trigger memories as it brings all the 5 senses play in our minds.

One of the tasks, which I enjoyed, was when we had to draw one of our journeys. I have chosen to draw my journey to my University. After drawing my journey I have noticed I drew my map in lines. After looking around the classroom nearly everyone used lines I guess it’s because it’s easier to understand and remember from.


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This was the first time ever i used a dark room and defiantly not my last! The photographs displayed shows the negative and positive of filmography and the last photographs shows the tone and shadows.

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